Mason’s Mill Product Spotlight: Fortress Decking

Mason’s Mill & Lumber Co. prides itself on offering not only an array of decking products to our clientele but also a level of quality that goes unmatched. We do extensive research on the products we choose to stock and offer and have always been very proud to offer Fortress Building Products throughout the years.

Fortress Building Products has been built on innovation and has made a name for itself in the industry by continuously serving up a quality level that speaks for itself. This company has continued to create new products while improving the old, making their products among our favorites to supply at Mason’s Mill & Lumber Co.

A Few Of Our Favorite Products from Fortress

I-Series Decking

I‑Series decking is 40% lighter while keeping the same stiffness and mechanical properties. This revolutionary design uses the historically proven I-beam shape, which is uniquely capable of handling heavy loads.

Perfect for outdoor decking application, this composit will enrich any setting it’s used in and stand the test of time. The I Series decking comes in four unique and bold colors, making it a versatile material for any project!

Fortress I Series Decking

Apex Decking

Apex decking pushes the boundaries and exceeds expectations by providing new heights in value, quality, and aesthetics. This PVC alternative uses a proprietary tri-extrusion process that delivers the beautiful look of tropical hardwoods.

The Apex Decking line comes in various colors and comes ready to take on the outdoors’ wear and tear. This material is more robust, safer, cleaner, and features anti-microbial properties for a mold-free, hygienic surface.

Fortress Apex Decking

Steel Deck Framing

Fortresses Steal Deck framing has to be one of their most innovative products. Fortress has engineered and applied decking properties to steel products allowing for more substantial construction that stands the test of time. Steal decking provides a straight for every time and can span larger areas making this product versatile and accommodating to irregular builds.

Steal Deck framing is available in an array of colors and does a great job of providing a clean aesthetic. This material will outlast its competitors and allows for some fantastic innovation architecturally which makes it a solid material to consider next time your thinking decking materials

Fortress Steel Frame Decking

Let Mason’s Mill Introduce you to Fortress Products!

As a partner of Fortress Products, our sales team is willing and ready to answer any questions you may have about any of their unique products. Mason’s Mill and Lumber Co. can help you choose the right material for your project and will help you out with any questions you may have along the way!

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