Fun Family living in 980 Square Feet

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The house is U-shaped, with one of the bars containing the living, dining, kitchen, bathroom and bedroom spaces; the other bar contains a recently added-on master bedroom. A library bridges the gap.

Behind the dining table is a “core box that acts like a Swiss Army knife,” Schatz says. It holds most of the operational elements in the home, like plumbing, mechanical, air conditioning, a washer and dryer, a refrigerator and even a bathroom. This “exercise in hyper spatial efficiency,” Schatz says, allowed them to keep the living spaces more open. “The whole thing is like a little machine that lives in our house,” he says. “The rooms are all about living. Then the support spaces are about sorting stuff to help make that living possible.”

The floor is ipe wood that the couple saved from about seven houses they built.

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