Private Residence - Memorial

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Cypress Vanish Rainscreen

Modern Memorial Mansion steps into the spotlight on upcoming home tour

In the leafiest part of Memorial, just north of the Kinkaid School, Iris Lee Lane is dotted with rambling homes that stretch gracefully along generous lots. But on this stub of a street, the house on the corner stands out for its flat-roofed, modernistic style.

A bit of background: The original home on that 1½-acre lot was damaged by Hurricane Ike in 2008. Then, when the 2011 drought took out most of the property's...

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Top Golf - Webster

Custom Millwork Cypress Vanish Rain Screen

Top Golf Cypress Millwork

Get a peek inside the new Topgolf at Webster

"Webster is an ideal destination for a third Topgolf location in the Houston area," Zach Shor, Topgolf real estate director, said in a news release announcing the location earlier this year. "Webster is a fantastic, fast-growing community with remarkable demographics. Its location allows us to make our mark in the southeastern Houston region and draw in visitors from Clear Lake and Galveston. The Topgolf team can't wait to get construction underway this month."

The new location has...

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