Mason’s Mill and Lumber is a premier producer of custom flooring

We can create a unique and elegant floor for any project. Our specialty is running high end, custom flooring that cannot be bought at standard flooring outlets. We run wide plank, long length flooring in both reclaimed woods as well as new growth species ranging from walnut to oak, as well as exotic hardwoods, and can offer any grade ranging from Rustic/Character grade to Select grades. A unique aspect of our custom flooring program is taking a proprietary sort of rift and quarter sawn white oak, showing tight and sound defects only and producing wide plank flooring that closely resembles flooring produced from antique, reclaimed white oak timbers at a fraction of the cost. Your imagination is the limit when it comes to custom flooring options that Mason’s Mill & Lumber can offer.



With the increased interest in French and European Oak flooring,

we partnered with a sawmill that is “live sawing” North American white oak logs. This is the same manner in which lumber is sawn in Europe. Lumber produced in this manner shows both the plain sawn “cathedrals” that oak is known for, as well as rift and quarter sawn features on the edges of the pieces. The American white oak is almost identical to the European white oak and is as fraction of the price. Mason’s Mill and Lumber markets this item as “Euro Cut” white oak and stocks a large inventory of this lumber ready to be run into flooring.