Deck Tiles - Iron Woods 12"x12" Tile System

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Hardwoods. Easy to Install.

Tired of that ugly old deck that came with the house? Ready to give that prehistoric patio its walking papers, but don’t want a large project? Then the Iron Woods Deck Tile System may be your answer. The Iron Woods Interlocking Deck Tile System gives you all of the beauty, strength and durability of Iron Woods® Ipe and other hardwoods without the long lead-time for installation. Iron Woods has supplied the Atlantic City boardwalk for over 40 years and recently the reconstruction of many boardwalks up and down the East Coast following Super Storm Sandy. Don’t build with wannabe woods. From the boardwalk to your backyard, the only trusted name in decking is Iron Woods.

“Simple” has never been so stunning.

Iron Woods deck tiles come in 12″ by 12″ square tiles that attach to one another using our interlocking sub-system. The only limit to what they can do is your imagination. Each system is customizable to the measurements and desired layout of your deck’s footprint – including interior and exterior corner pieces and edging. Tiles can be laid in both mosaic and straight board patterns, depending on your taste. While setup is relatively easy, don’t let the simplicity fool you. This stuff is strong. Each Iron Woods Deck Tile System is made with world renowned Iron Woods Ipe.

As elegant in function as they are in appearance, Iron Woods® Deck Tiles let you bring the natural beauty of exotic hardwood to any environment. They are an ideal solution for any indoor or outdoor area, including patios, balconies, walkways, gardens, spa rooms and pool decks. Easy to install and able to stand the test of time, our innovative tile systems can be reconfigured, expanded and even taken with you when you move.

How does the Iron Woods Interlocking Deck Tile System work?

Iron Woods® Deck Tiles were developed to ensure easy installation. To assemble, simply lay out your tile pattern, line up the interlocking quick connectors and press the tiles together. Our floating design requires no nails or adhesives and allows for proper drainage. The Iron Woods® Deck Tiles system comes prefinished with our First Coat wood sealer. To preserve the natural color of your tiles, all that’s required is to reapply a clear penetrating oil-based sealer as needed.

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