Mason’s Mill and Lumber is the premier distributor of high quality decking in Texas.

Stocking the largest inventory of luxury decking products in the state, we can offer many options to enhance your unique project. Our hardwood options include Ipe and Garapa as well as Cumaru from South America. We stock standard decking sizes as well and larger sizes for stairs, benches and handrails. We distribute Fortress  and Zuri brand engineered composite decking as well as Dasso fused bamboo decking, both of which are extremely durable and a step above standard composite decking offerings.

Wise Tile – DeckWise 20″ x 20″ Tile System

Ipe Smooth Whatever your need is, you’ve come to the right place! Are you a D.I.Y. home owner? A contractor, architect, or a renter longing for a hardwood deck but it’s just not easy to build a deck in space you have available? Maybe you just need to cover up that old deck and are tired of re-staining it every year? Maybe your renovation project needs that one extra detail to really push it over the top! The DeckWise® WiseTile™ Hardwood Deck Tile System can be tailor-made to any particular need or application. Deck tiles are perfect for creating beautiful semi-permanent hardwood decks on worn-out decks, concrete slabs, rooftops, patios, bar establishments and restaurants. Basically, any area where building a traditional deck is limited by space or where permanent decking is not possible. Tigerwood Imagine how nice it would be to build an exotic hardwood deck in any area… built in less than one day! WiseTile™ Hardwood Deck Tiles can easily be installed on most solid surfaces such as concrete or perhaps existing wooden decks, provided that the surface is as smooth and even as possible. Other than that, unless of course you will need to cut the hardwood tiles to fit around corners or posts or to fit correctly inside a particular shaped area, the only gear you will need is a tape measure and a pair of durable work gloves. Using our deck tiles, anyone can easily now enjoy a breathtaking exterior tiled surface in tropical hardwood specie without having all the stress, annoyances and clutter of traditional patio building installation techniques. Our patented Deck Tile Connector System completely removes the need for power tools plus possibly more significantly for anyone whom has never set tiles themselves, the aggravation as part of aligning tiles with regular height, straight lines and even gap spatial arrangement. Cumaru WiseTile™ Hardwood Deck Tiles simply just snap in place, precisely, accurately and securely over virtually any hard surface… ready to enjoy inside a matter of hours, certainly not days. Simply make sure the location is pitched for sufficient water runoff. We regularly advocate that you consult with a certified contractor and local building department prior to beginning any project, though. Interested in Deck Tile Connectors? Our Deck Tile Connector System offers the perfect solution for a quick and hassle free installation of hardwood tiles!

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