Mason’s Mill & Lumber is the regional distributor for GreenPly® brand plywood.

GreenPly® is the most environmentally effective and progressive hardwood plywood line on the market.

GreenPly® brand plywood is made from 100% plantation grown core stock. Furthermore, GreenPly® panels are made with NAUF glue and therefore qualify for projects requiring LEED certification.

GreenPly® panels are built to HPVA specification or higher, incorporate domestic standards of production and are both higher quality as well as more cost effective than their domestically produced counterparts. GreenPly® panels are available in various core compositions as well, so are suitable for myriad applications where other panels have limitations. 

1)    Veneer core – traditional proven 7 ply wood veneer core construction.

2)    MDF core – added stability and finishing aspects of MDF core panels

3)    CFC – Combination Fiber Core has wood veneer inner plys and a thin layer of MDF as it’s cross bands. This aspect of the panel offers both the proven track record and screw holding aspect of veneer core, as well as the superior finishing standards expected of a MDF core panel at the same weight as traditional veneer core panels.