Mason’s Mill and Lumber stocks a complete line of hardware

Including hinges, plates, slides and screws. We are the exclusive distributor for Kingslide brand drawer slides. Kingslide is an innovator in the field of top quality sidemount and undermount soft close slides, as well as conventional slides. Mason’s Mill and Lumber also stocks a full line of Blum European hinges & undermount slides. 

Iron Woods® Vanish™ Rain Screen & Cladding System

The perfect complement to the natural beauty of our Iron Woods premium grade exterior building products and our existing line of siding profiles and standard rain screen offerings, the Vanish Rain Screen brings a newfound elegance to the art of both commercial and residential building envelope design and construction. Traditional horizontal rain screen siding has long been recommended for improved air flow allowing air to move vertically behind the siding and moisture to evaporate which significantly improves the service life of a building envelope and coating performance. The Vanish Rain Screen System represents a significant leap forward in Rain Screen Design and application. Our unique Vanish Rains Screen Clips and Vanish Siding profile provide not only both horizontal and vertical ventilation but also eliminate the appearance of fasteners from the building aesthetic which represents a significant improvement over traditional “On Batten/Face Fastened” rain screen applications. Unlike traditional “On Batten/Face Fastened” application of cladding, the Vanish Rain Screen System eliminates the need for face fastening. Our unique clip system virtually vanishes providing a clean and appealing aesthetic appearance. The Vanish system also allows the cladding to adjust naturally to changes in humidity throughout seasonal and climatic cycles eliminating stress at the point of connection. Our unique clip system eliminates the need for battens which eliminates the possibility of moisture holding between the batten and the cladding while allowing both vertical and horizontal air flow which facilitates dispensation of moisture from behind the cladding. – High profile clip Low profile clip – Vertical AND Horizontal Air Flow = Improved moisture evaporation and siding performance. – Random Butt Joint Location = Reduced siding trim waste and lower material costs. – Marine Grade Aluminum Clip = Superior durability – Wide Clip Design = Superior connections at butt joints. – Unique Three Hole Design = Clip to batten, stud or sheathing fastening options. – Marine Grade and Profile Stainless Fasteners = Superior connection performance. THE VANISH SYSTEM – Unique Siding Profile = Superior rain screening. – Wood Species Options = Aesthetic Options – 4’’, 6’’ and 8’’ width profile options = Design flexibility. – Elimination of Through Face Fastening = Improved aesthetics. – Elimination Of Pre-drilling = Reduced installation costs – Installation with or without the use of battens = Vertical, horizontal or diagonal cladding application

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