Mason’s Mill and Lumber stocks a complete line of hardware

Including hinges, plates, slides and screws. We are the exclusive distributor for Kingslide brand drawer slides. Kingslide is an innovator in the field of top quality sidemount and undermount soft close slides, as well as conventional slides. Mason’s Mill and Lumber also stocks a full line of Blum European hinges & undermount slides. 

Blum – 120 Half Crank Hinge

Blum 120 Degree Half Cranked Hinge. This page shows the hinge used on a “Frameless” cabinet with “Back-to-Back” Doors. This is Blum’s most popular and common “Standard” European hinge. You can use this hinge to replace just about any brand of current or obsolete standard European hinge that is mounted on “Back-to-Back” doors. When replacing existing hinges, always replace both hinges and both mounting plates on the door. Mixing different brands and types of European hinges can cause door binding problems. Back-to-Back doors are cabinet doors which are hinged on frameless cabinets to opposite sides of the same side panel. The two opposing door edges are butted up against each other. The gap between the two hinged edges of the doors is called the “reveal”. This dimension is very important. Too small of a reveal will cause one door edge to bind on the other door edge when it is opened. Hinge is made from nickel plated steel. Hinge fits into a 35mm (1-3/8″) cup drilled in the back of the door. Cup depth is 13 mm (1/2″). The center-to-center screw hole dimensions on the hinge cup are 45 mm (1-3/4″). If your current hinge is 1-3/4″ or the less common 1-7/8″ you can install this hinge without re-drilling the screw holes. For 1-7/8″ screw hole dimensions, the screw will go in at a slight angle but usually works without a problem. This hinge is a two part hinge (the hinge and the mounting plate). Make sure to order at least two hinges and two mounting plates for each door that you are hanging. The hinge is self-closing. Each hinge uses 2 each #6 flat head screws

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