Mason’s Mill and Lumber stocks a complete line of hardware

Including hinges, plates, slides and screws. We are the exclusive distributor for Kingslide brand drawer slides. Kingslide is an innovator in the field of top quality sidemount and undermount soft close slides, as well as conventional slides. Mason’s Mill and Lumber also stocks a full line of Blum European hinges & undermount slides. 

Blumotion – Soft Close Hinge 110

Blum’s straight arm “Clip top” hinge for face frame overlay cabinets featuring built-in Blumotion. Hinge cup drilled in the back of the door is 35mm (1-3/8″) in diameter. Door opening angle is 110 degrees. Blumotion is Blum’s soft close feature, silent and effortless door closing action, now integrated into the hinge cup. This hinge may be used to retrofit existing cabinets which use Blum’s clip top mounting plates. No need to buy new mounting plates. Simply unsnap your existing Blum hinges from their mounting plates, replace the hinges using the existing screws and snap the hinges back onto the mounting plates (see advisory below). Hinge also features a deactivation switch. Blumotion feature may be turned off for small or light doors (turn off Blumotion on one of the two hinges on the door).