Houston Galleria Workplace Park

Mason’s Mill is happy to showcase one of the Galleria’s grand new focal points. What was once visitor parking for the Galleria Place I and Galleria Place II office complex, has now been re-imagined as a workplace park, helping to blur the line between work and play, along with socializing and conferencing.

Lincoln Property hired Kirksey Architecture to design the building renovations, and OJB is designing the new outdoor park between the two buildings which includes water features, a performance pavilion, gaming area with ping-pong and bocce, flexible seating, and a strong botanical experience. (Source)

Featuring an array of Mason’s Mill & Lumber Products used throughout the project. Kirsley architects and engineers where able to construct an eye catching and inviting space using Mason’s Mill & Lumber provided FSC Accoya, FSC Ipe lumber products along with Ipe Oil. Complete with an illuminating car park elevator as the center piece of the project the space is new, modern and beautiful!

Project Details