Mason’s Mill & Lumber Co., Inc. stocks Houston’s largest and most diverse hardwood inventory. We stock over 1,000,000 BF of domestic and imported hardwoods and softwoods, in thickness ranging from 4/4 – 16/4. We stock only the highest grades available produced by the industry’s leading sawmills worldwide. Additionally, with our extensive contacts, we can generally obtain non-stocking and hard to get items in a relatively short time frame. 


Offered in FAS grade, Our Prime Walnut, also known as “Black American Walnut”, comes out of Indiana. Walnut is a beautiful, tough, hard timber with a medium density. Walnut is the standard timber for rifle butts and gun stocks. It is extensively used for high-quality furniture, cabinet making and interior trim, boat building, musical instruments, clock cases… etc. Available in: 4/4, 5/4, 6/4, 8/4, Thickness
Rough Lumber