The Beauty and Sustainable Nature of Hardwoods

At Mason’s Mill and Lumber, we are not only dedicated to providing the highest quality hardwoods and hardwood products, but are also deeply devoted to promoting the sustainable aspects of hardwood lumber. Hardwoods by nature are a sustainable resource that lend themselves to not only beautifying our lives but naturally sequestering carbon in the process.

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Sustainable Nature Of Hardwoods

As an FSC certified retailer we make sure to know where our products are produced. This helps to ensure our materials are responsibly grown, harvested and distributed.

While forests are dynamic eco-systems in which species composition will shift over time, regular forest inventories undertaken by the federal government demonstrate that there is rapid growth in the volume of nearly all commercial hardwoods in U.S. forests. This growth is also well distributed throughout the United States.

According to the latest statistical update by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA):

  • Between 1953 and 2012 the volume of U.S. hardwood growing stock increased from 5.2 billion m3 to 12.0 billion m3, a gain of over 130%. 
  • Between 2007 and 2012, the volume of hardwood standing in the U.S. increased at a rate of 124 million m3 a year (even after harvesting and natural mortality is taken into account) – that’s about 4 m3 every second. 
  • U.S. hardwood forests are aging and more trees are being allowed to grow to size before being harvested – the volume of hardwood trees with diameters 48 cm or greater increased nearly four-fold from 0.73 billion m3 in 1953 to 2.7 billion m3 in 2012.

The Beauty of Hardwood

As seen in the above video, there are myriad applications for hardwoods in every aspect of our lives, ranging from our homes and work spaces to our open spaces and urban landscapes. The diverse nature and natural warmth of hardwoods makes them the preferred medium for furniture, flooring, cabinetry, joinery and both interior and exterior cladding applications, as well as durable outdoor decking.

The possibilities for hardwoods are virtually limitless and with the concerted effort of reforestation programs and industry observation groups, as well as an industry that polices itself, you can be assured of a healthy supply for generations to come.