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Anne Spellings & Michael Spellings - 1997
Sam Damiani, Eric Boer, Mason Spellings - 2018
Sam Damiani, Eric Boer, Mason Spellings - 2016
Enrique Flores - 1999
Original Mason's Mill Crew - 1999 Starting at bottom left: Eduardo Olivares Oscar Hernandez (grey shirt) Edilberto Esperanza (top middle mustache) Guillermo "Flacco" Heredia (top right) Juan Ramirez (green shirt) Enrique Flores (bottom left grey shrit) Felipe Hernandez (middle)

Mason’s Mill has been Houston’s premier supplier of high grade hardwoods and millwork for over 25 years.

The Early Years –

   In the late 1980’s, Mason’s Mill and Lumber was conceived and started in a rented 5,000 sf warehouse by Michael and Anne Spellings. Michael was a second generation lumberman and brought knowledge of the domestic supply chain and sawmills around the country. By 1990, Michael and Anne had recruited two people who would contribute to the diversity of expertise that would be the foundation of Mason’s Mill and Lumber. Eric Boer was also a second generation lumberman born into timber importing family who brought a great deal of knowledge and contacts for imported hardwoods from around the world. John Sorenson was a veteran of the high end, custom flooring industry with a vast amount of knowledge regarding the intricacies of sourcing, selling and installing the finest custom wood floors being produced at the time.

  The business evolved from simple distribution of hardwood lumber into additionally incorporating custom millwork and direct importation of tropical hardwoods and hardwood plywood. This was at a time when the fax machine was still cutting edge technology and business transactions were still done in person and cemented over a handshake. Computer technology was still a rarity in the hardwood industry at that time, but was eventually embraced and integrated into Mason’s business model.

The 90’s into the New Millennium –

  Having grown extensively from its onset, Mason’s Mill eventually procured the 23 acre facility in which it was initially a tenant and began expanding into the entire property. Mason’s staff had grown from the original 4 people to around 40 people by this time and we had procured our own fleet of delivery vehicles.

  By this time Mason’s had created an extensive network of architects, builders, manufacturers and suppliers through networking and old fashioned grit. Mason’s Mill had become the largest distributor of hardwoods in the greater Houston area and south Texas, as well as the premier supplier of custom architectural millwork in the southern United States. Mason’s continued to diversify its offerings and became the largest stocking distributor of imported hardwood decking in Texas during this time, as well as one of the largest distributors of hardwood plywood.

2010 and Beyond –

  Mason’s Mill continued to grow its business and eventually became the largest custom millwork supplier in Texas, supplying custom specified mouldings and millwork packages for luxury projects both locally and coast to coast.

  Today, nearly 30 years later, the next generation of Spellings lumbermen are actively engaged in day to day operations. Mason Spellings and his brother in law, Sam Damiani work closely with the tenured staff to help bring service, quality, customer service and cutting edge technology into a dynamic and progressive organization. Advances include laser precision for not only milling optimization, but a state of the art inventory control system that allows real time access to over 1.3 million board feet of lumber at the touch of a finger. Additional technological advances include proprietary CRM software that tracks all deliveries in real time as well as documents and photos of every delivery made.

  Stop by and visit with any of our friendly sales staff. They can help you choose the best products for your project and help you navigate through any custom millwork that you need. Our warehousemen are eager to help facilitate you with sourcing the best material available from our vast inventory for your special project. Call early and we can usually guarantee delivery the same afternoon on stocking items.

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Experienced Team Members

Dean Cosme

Since 2012

Rane Bass

Since 1997

Roberto Esperanza

Since 2011

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John Sorenson


Eric Boer

Vice President

Chris Keith

Since 2008

Barbara Rogers

Since 1995

Jessica Garcia

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Sam Damiani

Since 2004

Ruben Santiago

Since 2014

Javier Sanchez

Since 1997

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