Mason’s Mill & Lumber and the National Hardwood Lumber Association

While there are many regional and statewide associations that cater to specific segments of the building materials market, few are as steeped in history, reach, or advocacy than the National Hardwood Lumber Association (NHLA). Mason’s Mill & Lumber has been an active NHLA member for over 30 years and its Vice President, Eric Boer, was recently appointed to a second term on the NHLA Board of Directors. 

The NHLA was founded in 1898 to establish uniformity in the trade of hardwood lumber. Today, the NHLA is the only national voice for the hardwood industry and is the accepted arbiter internationally with regard to hardwood grade standards which are recognized globally. The mission of the NHLA is to serve NHLA members in the commerce of North American hardwoods by maintaining order, structure and ethics in a changing global market. 

The NHLA is aggressively engaged in advocacy for our industry in Washington, D.C. through its partnership with The Hardwood Federation to ensure our voices are heard by legislators and government officials. Over the last 5 years, the NHLA has contributed nearly $1,000,000 to support the work of The Hardwood Federation in D.C. 

Additionally, the implementation of hardwood lumber grading rules through the NHLA Inspection Services has been the cornerstone of the NHLA’s long-term partnership with government agencies like the US Department of Agriculture. The partnership has helped prevent unnecessary government regulations and overreach in our industry for decades. 

Today, the NHLA represents the entire hardwood supply chain at all levels of production. Every entity from loggers to sawmills, distribution yards to cabinet and flooring manufacturers benefit from the ongoing efforts and advocacy of the NHLA both nationally and internationally.